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Why Nautic Jobs?

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Personal, flexible, and professional: Nautic Jobs helps you find the maritime job that fits you.

Worldwide jobs: our maritime job openings

Engineers, dredging staff, sailors, foremen… With more than 100 maritime job openings each year in the Netherlands and abroad, Nautic Jobs is the staffing agency for the maritime and offshore industry. With professional knowledge, ambition, and determination, our people are at the heart of our organisation. They’re hard workers that are up for adventure and job satisfaction. Our personal approach works. We have an eye for talent and look out for talent. That’s how we find the perfect match between employee and employer.

Maritime temp agency: custom-tailored advice

Our team knows the field and knows what is necessary to succeed. What job opening would be the best fit, and what are your prospects for further advancement? Nautic Jobs advises, inspires, and pulls out all the stops to find you the best of all available maritime jobs. We want you in a job that fits you and fulfils your ambitions and desires.

Newcomers: working at sea and inland shipping

Ready for adventure? Do you like technical things? Can you handle irregular schedules? Working in the maritime and offshore industry is certainly no nine-to-five job. Twelve-hour days and 60- to 80-hour weeks are the rule rather than the exception. On the other hand, you work for 3 or 6 weeks, then have 3 or 6 weeks off. A man’s world? That’s often the case, but we believe in people and quality. We always aim for a perfect job match for everyone.

Getting to work: temp work or independent contractor?

Would you prefer working for wages, or as an independent contractor? At Nautic Jobs we are open to different contract forms. Together we’ll take a look at what fits you best. Once you’ve started, we’ll keep in regular contact and make sure you can continue to build your career. We’ll guide you in choosing further education and training too. Why would we do that? Because we believe in investing in our professionals—it’s good for them and our employer clients.