Nautic jobs is affiliated to the VRO (Vereninging Registratie Onderneming) whose objective is to reduce risks for clients when they hire or outsource employees. In order to reach this objective, companies are regularly monitored according to applicable laws and rules (taxes, social premiums and employment rights).


VCU stands for Veiligheid Checklist Uitzend- en detacheringsbureaus (VCU) (a safety checklist for temporary work agencies). The VCU checklist is a tool that helps with the development, filling in and optimalisation of an effective safety management system. Temporary work and secondment agencies with a VCU certificate can post staff to clients who require a VCA and/or companies with a VCA certificate.

MLC 2006

The Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC) in Dutch: The Maritime treaty, strives to improve the working conditions and requirements of more than 1,2 million seafaring employees worldwide. The convention also prevents unfair competition in the seagoing shipping sector.



The NBBU is the branch organisation for professional intermediaries in the employment market. We protect the rights of almost 1000 service providers in the flexible employment area: temporary agencies, payroll companies, freelance mediators and other intermediaries on the flexible employment market.