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Therefore Nautic Jobs

The maritime world is always changing, both nationally and internationally. Are you looking for the right man or woman for that one job? Nautic Jobs has professionals available at every level.

Specialists in maritime personnel

The team at Nautic Jobs know how the maritime world works. Literally, because our staff have years of experience at sea themselves. We understand what’s needed to make a job successful. That helps us in our quest for the perfect candidate for your job opening. Engineers, pilots, dredging staff, foremen, sailors, mechanics, helmsmen, maritime officers: Nautic Jobs specialises in maritime professionals at every level in the fields of dredging, offshore energy, and marine construction.

Personal approach

What’s special about Nautic Jobs? The personal approach – both for employers and employees. We go deeper than just a look at the job description and the CV. What’s the atmosphere at the company? What is the typical work style? What are the talents, expectations, and ambitions of a potential candidate? That way we can make a really good match between demand and supply. We aren’t looking for just any qualified person, but – at least as important – someone who will fit in with your team.

Custom support: what works for you?

Temporary employment, secondment, international payroll services: together, we take stock of what working methods fit your company. Are you looking for maximum flexibility and a full suite of services? Nautic Jobs can also provide recruitment and selection of your personnel and the financial side. That enables you to concentrate on other important matters.

Reliable: our certification

Of course, we have all the required certifications:

  • SNA certification
  • VCU
  • NBBU
  • MLC 2006
  • Management system certificatie