Getting the job done!


Getting the job done!

Nautic Jobs matches contractors and candidates in the following sectors: dredging, offshore & wind energy, marine construction and maritime. We are specialised in managing qualified, motivated employees at all levels.

Professional Business Partner

We have many years of experience, we know the sector, speak the language and have access to a very broad network. This means we know how to find the right person for the right job.

Sustainable working relationship

Since we have many years of experience, we are aware of the importance of involvement, honesty, personal contact and quality in building solid working relationships. This applies to our clients as well as to our employees. We focus on the individual at Nautic Jobs. We manage and support your needs, from recruitment and selection to the financial aspects and closure.

Temporary work, secondment, recruitment & selection and payroll service

Are you looking for temporary or permanent staff? If so, we’ll work together with you in different ways to find sufficiently qualified and motivated professionals.

Before starting a search, we make an inventory of what is necessary and optimal for both our employees and our clients. We take the burden away from you in this process! As a client it’s up to you if you choose for temporary workers, secondment, recruitment & selection and/or the payroll service. In this way, we are an attractive partner for contractors and staff alike.