Why Nautic Jobs?


Getting the job done!

Nautic Jobs believes in lasting relationships and professionalism. We work in an organisation that takes a personal, human approach. And that’s how we can motivate and inspire you.


Our team knows the profession and knows what is necessary to be successful. We can advise you which function suits you best. We can also tell you what your prospects are. At Nautic Jobs, we allow you the possibility to develop in the profession and build up a successful career. And as we have great affinity and knowledge of the maritime world, we can tell you a lot about the profession.


If you work in these areas, your main motivation should not be money. You need to have or acquire a passion for the profession. These are not 9 to 5 jobs! 12 hour days and 60-80 hour weeks are the rule rather than the exception. You need to be able to handle irregular working hours and to understand technical issues. One of the compensations is that you’re free for 3 to 6 weeks after working 3 to 6 weeks. And women are most welcome in what is typically seen as a man’s world.

Temporary work or secondment?

Would you like to have a contract or do you prefer to work freelance? Nautic Jobs wants to be an attractive employer, and that’s why we check what you need to be happy as an employee. We’re regularly in contact with you, we make sure you can develop yourself further and we help you making training choices. By investing in you, this also makes us a good business partner for our clients.