How do I register?

Go to the ‘register’ page and fill in the form. Add your CV and send both documents. One of our employees will contact you.

What do I need to take to an intake interview?
  • Identity card
  • CV
  • Certificates
  • Diplomas and references
  • If you live outside of the Netherlands: health insurance pass and the letter from the tax office with your BSN number
When do I get paid?
  • Employees: work cards/records need to be received on Wednesdays. Wages are paid every Thursday.
  • Freelancers: payment is on Fridays, 14 days after receiving invoices
What should I do if I’m ill?

Contact our office and the client by telephone, before 9am. This is a standard requirement as we need to notify the employment office about absenteeism.

Who should I notify when I’m better?

Inform the office, the UVW and the client.

What should I do if I have a complaint?

At Nautic Jobs we aim to satisfy everyone. Naturally, this might not always be possible. You can contact us by mail at Complaint Nautic Jobs, or if you prefer, by telephone and you can make an appointment to stop by our office.